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Parallel Lines

In The Media

See what the world is saying about Remotable and where we have been featuring lately. 

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A New App Has Launched!

06 October 2022 - Brent Lindeque
"A new App has just been launched to help South Africans find cafes, restaurants, and workspaces to continue doing business during loadshedding.

The Remotable App aims to make remote working a seamless, fluid, and easy experience.

The App is available on Apple and Google and has 60 locations to work from, with more to be added soon." 
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Work Space In Load Shedding

7th Oct 2022 - Dylan Bettencourt

"You’re in the middle of a job, a letter, an application – and suddenly the screen, and your room, go dark. Loadshedding has kicked in and you’re on a deadline.

Meet Remotable, a remote work App that indicates the closest cafes, restaurants and workspaces with electricity."

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